Our Team: Kimberly Biggs

Office Manager
A.S. Early Childhood Education, Mount Ida College
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Office Manager aka center of morale “Vibe Manager”

Kim Biggs is a devoted office manager that successfully nurtures the culture of West Hill and supports the team as it grows. Whether she is assisting an attorney, listening to a client, or greeting a delivery person, Kim takes the time to welcome and connect with every person that visits the office or contacts West Hill. Kim handles all of the oh-so-critical first impressions. Her naturally positive attitude and warm demeanor shine through even on the inevitable bad days that pop up here and there. She fosters good relationships with clients, colleagues and vendors and makes everyone that walks through the doors feel welcome and important. Her happy face beams amid the demands of the business. 

Ms. Biggs has supported the founder, Louise, since the very beginning of West Hill and prior to that at IBM. She has her hands in just about everything, from the day-to-day support, to planning events or aiding the interior design of a new office space, always making sure every person feels respected and has everything they need. She cares enough to get it all done completely, on time; working through any challenges that arise, reprioritizing as necessary and makes sure that everyone has some fun. 

Clients and attorneys alike, feel comfortable approaching Kim with all of their needs. She comes up with creative solutions to challenges that arise, keeping things running smoothly and enjoyably around the office.

Past Experience

Kim’s education and background began in early childhood education. She takes pleasure in working with children as well as adults. Kim makes everyone feel respected and valued and has created a space where people want to come. She is usually behind the magic that happens at West Hill and creates connections with everyone that contacts or walks through the door at West Hill. Kim is a people person at heart and has expanded that passion into photography of children and families. 

Email: kbiggs@westhill.law 
Direct Dial: 978.290.4636

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