Our Team: Gina M. McCusker

Director of Operations
B.A. Accounting, Concordia College
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The daughter of a pianist, Gina McCusker grew up in Minnesota learning the violin from the young age of 5. This disciplined study of music led her to enjoy solving puzzles and developed her logical thinking, persistence and ability to untangle the chaos of the pieces, arranging them into an organized complete picture.

As our Operations Manager, Gina utilizes her organizational talent to keep our back office running smoothly. Her vast experience in corporate and non-profit accounting and auditing across many industries brings a skillset that enables our business to grow.  Gina manages the billing and payroll processes and is successful at resolving accounting issues, streamlining processes, assisting coworkers and customers with information and analysis. Gina also works closely with our founding attorney to remove obstacles and develop policy and procedures within the firm to move strategic initiatives forward, so that our attorneys can focus on the clients.

Email: gmccusker@westhill.law
Direct Dial & Fax: 978.274.7066

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