What You Need to Know About the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA)

23 May 2024

As a business owner, you may already have heard that the Corporate Transparency Act (“CTA”) took effect on January 1, 2024. The CTA requires all entities formed or registered to do business in the United States to report beneficial ownership information to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) unless an exemption applies.

What’s the Purpose of the Corporate Transparency Act?

The Corporate Transparency Act was designed to increase transparency and combat tax fraud, money laundering, and other illegal activities. While the government can easily look into information on business structure and ownership of large corporations, there has been little to no transparency when it comes to small businesses. With over 27,000,000 small businesses without employees in the United States, this act aims to target these small businesses. 

Do You Need to File?

The CTA applies to most small businesses in the United States, including foreign companies that are registered to do business in the U.S. These types of businesses include limited liability companies, limited partnerships, business trusts, most general partnerships, and corporations created by filing a document with the secretary of state or similar office under their state law. 

There are several exemptions to the filing requirements, but we expect that the majority of our clients will be non-exempt reporting entities and will be required to file. Additional information, including filing instructions and a complete list of exemptions, is available here: Beneficial Ownership Information Reporting | FinCEN.gov.

What Information Does the CTA Require?

The act refers to owners of companies as “beneficial owners.” These are defined as any individuals who, either directly or indirectly:

  • Exercise substantial control over a reporting company, or
  • Own or control at least 25% of the ownership interests of a reporting company

Each such beneficial owner is required to report his or her name, date of birth, address, and an identifying document (such as a passport or driver’s license) as well as a photo of that document.

Are There Any Privacy Concerns? 

Although you are reporting personal information, this information will not be made publicly available. It is only going to be accessible by certain government agencies, financial institutions, and used for law enforcement, national security, and intelligence purposes. 

What are the Deadlines to File?

The deadlines for filing vary depending on when you started your business. There are three primary deadlines that you should be aware of. 

January 1, 2025:

All non-exempt entities formed before January 1, 2024, to comply with the reporting requirements need to file by January 1, 2025. 

Within 90 Days of Business Formation or Registration:

Any new non-exempt entities formed or registered to do business in the United States between January 1 and December 31 of this year must file within ninety days of the date of formation or registration. 

Within 30 Days of Business Formation or Registration:

Any new non-exempt entities formed after December 31, 2024, must file within 30 days of the date of formation or registration.

Do I Need to File Every Year?

No, this is a one-time filing, however, if there are any changes to the reported beneficial ownership, an amended report must be filed within thirty days of such change.

Are There Any Penalties for Noncompliance?

If you choose not to file or provide false information, you can be subject to fines and even criminal penalties. The CTA provides for civil fines of $500 per day and up to $10,000 per violation of the act. If you fail to comply or find yourself with multiple violations, you can face tens of thousands of dollars in fines. Additionally, the criminal penalty for violations of the act is up to two years of imprisonment.

What about the Recent Disputes about the Constitutionality of the CTA?

There have been some legal challenges to the CTA in recent months. On March 1, 2024, a federal judge in Alabama ruled that the CTA is unconstitutional. However, at this time, the ruling is limited to the plaintiffs in this particular case at issue (members of the National Small Business Association). Unless the Treasury Department announces that it will suspend CTA enforcement for all reporting entities (which it has not yet done), filings are still required. We will continue to monitor the situation and will update our clients in the event of any change in the reporting requirements.

Contact West Hill if You Have Questions 

While this new requirement may seem overwhelming at first, the best thing you can do is familiarize yourself with the CTA and reach out to a trusted legal professional if you have questions. We anticipate that we will be helping a majority of our clients file, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or require any assistance to comply with these new filing requirements.

5 Legal Considerations for Developing a Mobile or Web App

21 May 2024

While developing a new app for your business, it’s easy to get caught up in the features and functionality and forget about the legal considerations of app development. 

It’s important to make sure that your app is compliant, protects your intellectual property, keeps your user’s data safe, and protects your company from potential liabilities. 

While developing your app, here are five legal considerations to keep in mind: 

1. Intellectual Property Rights

It is never too early to start protecting your intellectual property. When you think about monetizing your app, you probably think about how much to charge your users or how it will enhance your relationships with customers. You might be overlooking the most lucrative asset: your intellectual property

When you protect your intellectual property, you can later sell your app, or your business, for significantly more than you could without these protections. 

Additionally, by protecting your intellectual property you can prevent competitors and other software developers from copying or stealing your hard work. 

Here are a few ways to protect your intellectual property: 

  • Copyrights: protect your app’s source code, design, and other creative elements
  • Trademarks: register your app’s name, logo, and other branding to prevent your competitors from using any of your branding assets
  • Patents: protect your unique and innovative features

It is also important to respect the intellectual property rights of others when you incorporate their code into your app.  This can be open source or commercial software or integrations with web services.  In order to avoid infringing the copyright of these companies and developers, you need to keep track of this code and provide copyright notices and disclaimers as required.

2. App Store Guidelines and Review Process

Prior to launching your app, you should review the submission guidelines and policies of the app stores or web services that you plan to distribute your app through. Your app will need to comply with their content and policy restrictions to prevent your app from being removed down the line. 

Nearly all app publishers require that you include a Privacy Policy with your app that complies with their requirements. This is not a copy and paste exercise. You will need a customized privacy policy for your app in order to make it through the app approval process and protect yourself from data privacy claims.

3. User Data Privacy

In developing a Privacy Policy for your app, you need to think through what data you collect from your users during the registration process and other touchpoints throughout their experience. This is the first step to comply with data protection laws and regulations. 

Here are a few things to consider: 

  • Where are your users?  Make sure that your app is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).
  • Make sure your Privacy Policy informs your users about the type of data that you collect, how you use it, and what security measures you have in place to protect their information. 
  • Obtain consent from usersbefore you collect or process their data.

An attorney who specializes in both technology law and privacy can help you understand which laws and regulations apply to your app. 

3. End-User License Agreement (EULA)

In addition to a Privacy Policy, you need to have a clear End-User License Agreement (EULA) for your app. 

The EULA should outline your user’s responsibilities and prohibited actions within the app – including any flow-through terms required by your web services provider. It also protects your company’s rights and interests while also limiting your user’s ability to redistribute your app without permission. In your EULA, you can limit your liability and choose how and where disputes get resolved.

Finally, you should include disclaimers within your app that are required in your industry. 

5. Developer Agreements

If you plan to outsource components of the app development to other app developers, designers, or third-party service providers, you need to make sure that your company and its intellectual property are protected. 

Prior to starting the development process, you should sign clear and comprehensive contracts wwith these vendors outlining the roles and responsibilities of both parties.

These contracts should include confidentiality provisions, explicitly define who owns the intellectual property rights of the app’s components, and the developer’s obligation to report use of third party code. You should also include comprehensive data privacy terms if your developer will have access to your customers’ data.

Technology  Law Firm

Navigating the process of protecting your new app can be challenging without the help of skilled business and intellectual property lawyers who understand your technology. At West Hill, we specialize in helping software companies protect their intellectual property and business ideas. Contact us today for more information.

Nine Key Takeaways from the 2024 WBENC National Conference

7 May 2024

Attending the 2024 WBENC National Conference was truly an inspiring event. With over 5,000 women entrepreneurs and corporate leaders connecting and supporting each other. West Hill’s Louise Kennedy, Shehla Syed and Jennica Holoquist discovered innovative best practices and celebrated the accomplishments of women-owned businesses.

1. Women entrepreneurs should never be afraid to ask for help.

This conference was all about supporting women business owners, making connections, and sharing ideas. Answers and help were around every corner, from informal advice to corporate mentorship programs for diverse businesses. The focus was on helping women-owned businesses grow and thrive. 

2. Corporate leaders see the value of working with women-owned businesses.

According to WBENC, more than 1,000 corporations in the US have committed to spending over $1 billion each year with Women-Owned Businesses. At the conference this year, many of these corporations were honored for their long-term commitment to diversifying their supply chains. 

3. Be prepared. There’s opportunity around every corner.

Some of the best connections are made while standing in line for coffee, waiting for a program to start, or wandering through the expo. Make the most of these opportunities by introducing yourself. Explain what you do and who you serve. Tell your brand story. Know your differentiators. Ask about others’ businesses. Each person you meet may not be an ideal potential client, but they can be connectors, referral sources and mentors. 

4. Celebrating the accomplishments of women-owned businesses is important.

The conference included a variety of celebrations and fun activities to recognize the achievements of women entrepreneurs. The business journey, particularly in male-dominated fields, is challenging, and it’s important to celebrate wins along the way! Shout out to the 2024 WBE Stars, including the West Hill Founding Attorney, Louise Kennedy, for being recognized for their achievements live at the conference. 

5. Birds of a feather flock together.

Dynamic entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to improve their skills and build their networks. So it’s not a surprise that the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program was well represented with both an expo table and lots of alumni in attendance. The 2024 WBE Stars alone included multiple 10KSB alumni, including Louise Kennedy, Barb Smith, Michele Adams, and others.  

6. Roll out the welcome mat.

The vibe of the West Hill conference booth was friendly and approachable. Tucked in a corner but with brightly colored graphics, a bouquet of flowers, and a pitcher of lemonade, WBEs, and corporate members stopped by for a chat. Smiling, friendly, and passionate about what they do, the West Hill team put people at ease (despite their prior experiences talking to lawyers).  

7. WBENC certification is a valuable tool for women-owned businesses.

According to WBENC, women-owned businesses that are certified through their program are more likely to win contracts and secure new business opportunities. The WBENC application (especially the legal documentation section) can be daunting, but if you are ready to get certified as a Women-Owned Business, West Hill can help you navigate the process.  

“West Hill has been WBENC certified since 2013 and it has unlocked countless opportunities for our firm. WBENC is truly the leading women’s business development organization and I encourage all current WBEs and other women-owned businesses to tap into the limitless potential of the WBENC network,”

said Louise Kennedy.

8. Amplify. Collaboration is key to success in business.

Through productive Meet & Greets with corporate members and other networking opportunities at every turn, we were able to connect with other women entrepreneurs and corporate leaders to explore potential partnerships and collaborations. It was also a fantastic opportunity to reconnect with friends from WBENC educational events like WeThrive and the Advanced Leadership Seminar. 

9. Walk the Walk.
The best way to help a woman owned business is to work with a women owned business.

Hire or source products from a woman-owned business. It is good for business and good for your community. Women-owned businesses fuel the economy, representing 39.1% of all businesses – over 14 million – employing 12.2 million workers and generating $2.7 trillion in revenue. According to the 2024 Wells Fargo Impact of Women-Owned Business Report, in partnership with Ventureneer, CoreWoman, and Women Impacting Public Policy (WIPP), the number of women-owned businesses increased at nearly double the rate of those owned by men between 2019 and 2023; and from 2022 to 2023, the rate of growth increased to 4.5 times. 

 “How long do you want to sit and admire the problem before you start working on addressing the issue? Ignite change.”

Nellie Borrero, author of Unwavering

2024 WBENC National Conference Recap

30 April 2024

On Tuesday, March 21, 2024, Louise Kennedy, West Hill Founding Attorney was honored by WBENC (Women’s Buisness Enterprise National Council) as a 2024 WBE Star in Denver, CO. President & CEO Pamela Prince Eason and WBENC Board Chair Nedra Dickson, kicked-off the conference with an inspiring welcome. Bringing the Center for Women & Enterprise (CWE) President, Gabrielle King Morse , and Louise on stage to be recognized for outstanding business achievement, leadership and impact among women owned businesses. 

  • WBENC 2024
    2024 WBENC National Conference
  • Shehla Syed, Louise Kennedy and Jennica Holoquist
  • President & CEO Pamela Prince Eason
  • Loiuise Kennedy and Gaby King Morse
  • Louise being recognized as a 2024 WBE Star
  • Louise Kennedy and Gaby King Morse
  • Conference theme: A-M-P-L-I-F-Y
  • Louise Kennedy, West Hill Founding Attorney
  • Louise carrying the “A” in Amplify

Legal Questions? Ask West Hill.

A glimpse at the WBENC Expo and the inside the West Hill booth. The team was asked questions about the complexities of buisness ownership, challenges in executing a Strategic Alliance, entering into contracts with corporates, Saas problems and in-house lawyers did not know anything about Saas. Interestingly, when we asked the business owners about plans for their exit, most people said, “no”.

  • Louise, WBE Star 2024
  • Jennica Holoquist, Louise Kennedy and Shehla Syed in the West Hill booth
  • Legal Questions? Ask: Shehla.
  • Legal Questions? Ask: Louise
  • West Hill Vision and Mission

Evening Receptions at Wings Over Rockies and Gaylord Hotel Colorado Ski Lodge Party

  • Jennica Holoquist, Shehla Syed and Louise Kennedy at the Colorado Air & Space Museum
  • Shehla Syed and Jennica Holoquist
  • Jennica Holoquist and the WBENC party blimp
  • Gaylord Resort dinner at sunset
  • Jennica Holoquist, Louise Kennedy, Shehla Syed and Kim Patrick

Louise Honored as a 2024 WBE Star at the VIP Brunch

  • Louise Kennedy 2024 WBE Star
  • Louise Kennedy WBENC Conference 2024
  • Louise Kennedy WBENC 2024
  • 2024 WBE Star Louise Kennedy being recognized
  • Louise and Brendan Kennedy at the VIP Brunch
  • Comics for Hire getting the VIP Brunch moving
  • Magnificence

Louise Kennedy Honored as a 2024 WBE Star by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC)

26 February 2024

The WBE Star Award is the nation’s premier award for women’s excellence in business leadership

Louise Kennedy, Founding Attorney at West Hill Technology Counsel, has been recognized as a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) Star by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), the nation’s largest certifier of women-owned businesses and leader in women’s business development. The WBE Star Award is the nation’s top recognition for excellence among women-owned businesses, honoring 14 women who are leaders in their local business communities and respective fields from across the country within each Regional Partner Organization. Louise was nominated by the Northeast regional partner, Center for Women and Enterprise (CWE). CWE serves the states of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

The 2024 WBE Stars will be honored during the 2024 WBENC National Conference, the largest event of its kind for women-owned business entrepreneurs and business leaders taking place March 19-22, 2024, in Denver, Colorado.

Honoring Women in Business

“West Hill has been a long-time supporter of CWE, hosting and participating in events and encouraging other woman-owned businesses to apply for WBENC and SBA Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) certifications. West Hill was founded in part to address inequality in the legal workplace as described in the West Hill Vision and Mission. Our work with CWE is an extension of this.” said Louise Kennedy. 

“We could not be prouder of our 2024 WBE Stars,” says Pamela Prince-Eason, President and CEO of WBENC. “Each one of them exemplifies the vital role women-owned businesses play in our economy. They are outstanding leaders, mentors and innovators, and we look forward to honoring them in March and throughout the year.”

“This year we sought to recognize and celebrate WBEs who embody the spirit of “AMPLIFY” – having grown their business, strengthened a challenging area, expanded to new products and services or markets, heightened performance with development of talent, leadership, relationships, or accelerated business impact and results. Louise Kennedy, Founding Attorney and CEO of West Hill Technology Counsel has certainly done that and is an inspiration for the entire WBENC network.”

Pamela Prince-Eason

Tap Into WBENC

“Being recognized as a 2024 Women’s Business Enterprise Star by WBENC and my Regional Partner Organization, Center for Women and Enterprise, is an incredible honor. Our WBENC Certification has unlocked countless opportunities that we take advantage of continuously. WBENC is truly the leading women’s business development organization and I encourage all current WBEs and other women-owned small businesses to tap into the limitless potential of the WBENC network.” said Louise Kennedy.

2024 WBE Stars

Top left to right: Cate Heaman, Prelude Solutions, Paula Edwards, Lexair Electronics Sales Corporation, Heather Cox, Certify My Company, Mary Fehlig, The Fehlig Group, Barb Smith, Journey Steel, Inc., Gwen Hale, Reagan Mechanical LLC, Louise Leduc Kennedy, West Hill Technology Counsel, Inc., Sue Bhatia, Rose International, Inc., Linda A. Hamilton, Grow Profit Sale LLC, Brenda Boral, Boral Agency.
Front Left to right: Ashwini Vasudeva, Astute, Patricia Thomasson, Thomasson Company, Kathleen Hunt, Personalized Payroll Services, and Michele Adams, Levy Recognition.

“We applaud Louise Kennedy’s accomplishments and congratulate her on the selection to receive our highest achievement award for WBEs.”

Gaby King Morse, President and CEO, Center for Women and Enterprise

About WBE Star Award

Learn more about the WBE Star Award at https://www.wbenc.org/about-wbenc/awards/wbe-star-award/

About the 2024 WBENC National Conference

Register or find out more about Amplify, the WBENC National conference at https://www.wbenc.org/conference/.


WBENC is the nation’s leading advocate of women-owned businesses and entrepreneurs, supported by more than 540 Corporate Members that value our world-class standard of certification to women-owned businesses throughout the country. Throughout the year, WBENC provides professional development, business development, and outreach opportunities for more than 18,000 WBENC Certified women-owned businesses, Corporate and Government Members, and the national WBENC network. Partnering with 14 Regional Partner Organizations (RPOs), WBENC is the largest third-party certifier of businesses owned, controlled, and operated by women in the United States. Learn more at www.wbenc.org.

About West Hill

West Hill Technology Counsel is a boutique business and technology law firm. Providing pro-active, practical legal advice to help IP-focused businesses grow, assess risk, and plan for and execute a successful exit.

Meet the Team: Jennica Holoquist

6 March 2024

In this series, we are introducing the West Hill Law team. We’re starting with Jennica Holoquist, a Business and Transactions Attorney who joined our team after graduating from Suffolk University Law School.

What areas of law are you most interested in?

In law school I was most interested in intellectual property, mainly trademarks and copyright, but since coming to West Hill, my interest and focus now includes business transactions and data privacy.

What drew you to West Hill?

A combination of the firm’s focus areas and company culture. I was excited that West Hill does IP work, which was my concentration at school. In addition, it handles other practice areas so I could expand my skills and knowledge base. I loved that the firm was a women owned business as I have always felt more comfortable and encouraged when being around women. As a young attorney, I was looking for the opportunity to be supported in my growth. I also really respected the mission of West Hill which is to provide effective and enthusiastic legal services to all our clients at competitive rates while respecting the needs of the legal staff.

How would you describe working at West Hill to a friend?

I often describe West Hill as a very collaborative work environment. The whole team is open to working together to put out the best work possible for all the clients. There is a good balance between having the space to bunker down and do the work on your own but also to run to a colleague and get their perspective on any issues. I would describe West Hill as open, dedicated, and encouraging.

What makes West Hill unique? 

The company culture makes West Hill unique. For example, I am someone who has struggled with asking for help which has the ability to hinder growth or efficiency.  At West Hill, that is not something I have to worry about. I can ask anyone here questions and they will be treated with understanding and responded to with care. In the short amount of time that I have been here, this has allowed me to grow as a lawyer and improve my client work. I will also add that the way West Hill cares about the clients is unique. Here you are not just another name on a file. West Hill does a great job of communicating with clients and really understanding both short and long term goals. The team helps clients plan for the best and most efficient way to reach those goals.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I love to dance, I did many different types of dance all the way through college. It’s something that brings me a lot of joy. I spend a lot of time with my dog Macfarlane mainly playing fetch (sometimes even in the house). I am also a big movie and television fan so I am always looking for something new to watch.

Why did you decide to become a lawyer?

From a very young age, I wanted to be able to support others who did not have the ability or the knowledge to do something on their own. I would say that is another reason I really like working at West Hill, especially with start-ups. I get the chance to help people grow their businesses or protect their work in a way that they might not be able to without that guidance and support.

Contact Jennica Holoquist

Click here for more information and contact info for Jennica.

West Hill Reading List: Non-Fiction Edition

21 February 2024

As a women-owned law firm and business, uplifting women and championing their rights and success is immensely important to us. 

To celebrate women, we’ve curated a special reading list with some of our favorite non-fiction books that focus on the empowerment of women and girls. Consider this blog post your official invitation to join our informal book club. 

West Hill’s Non-Fiction Favorites

A Woman of No Importance by Sonia Purnell 

Untamed by Glennon Doyle 

The Heart of a Woman by Maya Angelou 

Wild by Cheryl Strayed 

Women Mean Business: Over 500 Insights from Extraordinary Leaders to Spark your Success by Edie Fraser, Robyn Freeman Spizman, and Andi Simon, PhD 

Bossypants by Tina Fey 

Finding Me by Viola Davis 

You are Only Just Beginning by Morgan Harper Nichols 

If you think there’s a book missing from this list, let us know! 

Feel free to comment on this post or tag us on LinkedIn to share the book you’re currently reading. Let’s start a conversation! Which book are you reading first? 

Attorney Spotlight: Louise Kennedy to present NSTC Program on How Non-Patent IP Protection Can Increase the Value of your Company

10 January 2024

Your company’s intellectual property may be one of your most valuable assets. But how do you go about protecting that asset? What intellectual property do you have in your business and how can you protect it? The North Shore Technology Council has invited Louise Kennedy, the West Hill Founder, to lead a program titled IP is Not Just Patents. Join Louise for a FREE lunch-hour zoom on Thursday, January 25th, from 12-1 pm. Register here today. Both NSTC members and non-members are welcome to attend.

This program will discuss how using copyright, trademark, and trade secret protection can increase the value of your company. Louise will also walk through the steps required to protect non-patent intellectual property assets. These include copyright and trademark filings, as well as company policies. The discussion will cover the role of contracts for routine business transactions in preserving these rights. Finally, Louise will walk through typical IP-related questions in M&A due diligence and why you should ask them or be prepared to answer them.

About the North Shore Technology Council

The NSTC hosts unique learning/networking events for innovators, entrepreneurs, service providers and career-seekers north of Boston – and beyondconnecting them with global experts across technology and the sciences – and each other – to build knowledge and foster collaboration that drives personal and business growth. Find out more about the NSTC and its membership here.

About Louise Kennedy

Louise Leduc Kennedy is the founding attorney of West Hill Technology Counsel. She has extensive experience advising technology companies on intellectual property and strategic matters. She is passionate about service agreements and ensuring her clients understand the legal jargon in their agreements so they are legally protected and positioned for growth. Louise loves working with innovative women and their entrepreneurial businesses.

Prior to forming the firm, Ms. Kennedy worked as in-house counsel at IBM Corporation for 9 years. During this time she supported the Global Sales and Distribution Group, IBM Business Consulting Services as well as the Lotus brand within IBM Software Group. Her responsibilities included the structure and negotiation of complex e-marketplace offerings as well as supply-chain management and e-procurement software alliances.

Louise received her B.A. in Economics from Smith College and her J.D., with honors, from the University of Connecticut School of Law. 

Best Lawyers Names West Hill to 2024 Best Law Firms® list

11 December 2023

West Hill is pleased to announce our firm has been recognized in the 2024 edition of Best Lawyers “Best Law Firms®” as a Boston Tier 3 firm in Litigation and Intellectual Property. Firms included in the “Best Law Firms” rankings are recognized for excellence and have impressive ratings from clients and peers. 

“We are both delighted and proud to be awarded this designation and recognized for our firm’s expertise in handling intellectual property disputes. There has been a steady increase in the use of arbitration provisions in software development and other technology agreements. Our technical, contract, and IP expertise allows us to handle these matters effectively and efficiently,” said Louise Leduc Kennedy, Founding Attorney, West Hill. 

According to Best Lawyers, achieving a tiered ranking signals a unique combination of quality law practice and breadth of legal expertise. Ranked firms, presented in three tiers, are recognized on a national and regional scale. Firms that receive a tier designation reflect the highest level of respect a firm can earn among other leading lawyers and clients from the same communities and practice areas.  

For the West Hill Technology Counsel ranking click here.

About Best Law Firms List

For the official press release for the 14th edition of Best Lawyers® and the Best Law Firms click here. For more information about  Best Lawyers and the Best Law Firms list, click here.  

About West Hill

West Hill Technology Counsel is a boutique business and technology law firm. Providing proactive practical legal advice to help solve problems before they arise. Our clients are new and growing businesses that create or leverage technology as a core part of their business model.  

Attorney Spotlight: Boston magazine Selects Shehla Syed to 2023 Top Lawyers List

1 December 2023

West Hill is pleased to announce that Shehla Syed has been named to the Boston magazine Top Lawyers™ 2023 list. Shehla has been recognized for excellence in Intellectual Property Law. This annual accolade, initiated in 2021, is designed to highlight outstanding legal talent in the region. Attorneys have the opportunity to nominate their peers in specific areas of expertise, with the rankings determined through peer voting and an advisory board.

“I am honored to be named a Top Lawyer by Boston magazine alongside so many great peers also recognized on this year’s list,” said Shehla Syed.

Shehla has also been recognized by Best Lawyers (2023) and Super Lawyers (since 2019) in her areas of expertise.

Click here to view Shehla Syed’s listing.

About Shehla Syed

Shehla Syed is a West Hill Shareholder and IP Strategist specializing in Intellectual Property, Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution. Ms. Syed counsels clients onhttps://www.bostonmagazine.com/lawyers all aspects of their intellectual property – trademarks, copyrights, patents and trade secrets – to help them maximize the value and enforceability of their content, brands and technology.

About Boston magazine Top Lawyers List

Click here to view the complete list of 2023 Top Lawyers. The December issue of Boston magazine featuring the highly anticipated 2023 Top Lawyers list is now available in print and online.

About West Hill

West Hill Technology Counsel is a boutique business and technology law firm. Providing proactive, practical legal advice to help solve problems before they arise. Our clients are new and growing businesses that create or leverage technology as a core part of their business model. 

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