Your team builds your company’s value. Growing businesses have employment-related needs long before they need a human resources department. We offer cost-effective solutions to help you on-board employees and engage independent contractors while protecting business assets.

Your team should be your biggest asset. But as a business owner, it can often feel like a battle to assemble and retain top-quality team members who promote your company’s culture. When it comes to hiring and firing employees and engaging independent contractors, we can help you navigate the legal landscape. With an eye toward protecting your intellectual property and minimizing risk, our team can streamline processes that allow you to focus on your core business. 

The web makes nearly every business a global business. No matter where you recruit talent, West Hill can help you address the issues unique to your business. Drive your local and global growth with employment law assistance from West Hill.

Business Issues Solved:

  • Address employee vs. independent contractor issues
  • Address cross-border hiring challenges
  • Protect intellectual property created by employees and independent contractors

Team Members

Louise Leduc Kennedy