West Hill Frequently Asked Questions

We love questions. West Hill answers the most commonly asked questions regarding business law. For any other questions, feel free to just call us and ask or send and email to info@westhill.law.

How is your business model different from other law firms?

At West Hill, our attorneys have expertise developed by working for large law firms or as in-house counsel. We use our experience to deliver sophisticated legal counsel without the overhead of traditional law firms. West Hill legal advisors work hard, solve real business problems and are a pleasure to work with. Our rates are reasonable and we encourage our clients to pick up the phone to get efficient legal advice.We excel at simplifying complex legal issues into more simple, actionable, business decisions. Ultimately West Hill provides straightforward, practical legal advice at reasonable rates.

What does a business law firm do?

Some business law firms handle mostly one-off transactions — and NDA negotiation here, a contract review there. Some lack in-depth knowledge of intellectual property and how to protect and leverage it.  At West Hill, our attorneys specialize in specific areas of the law that are relevant to a growing, IP-focused business. We  can help you with business formation and equity ownership matters, establishing and enforcing intellectual property rights, licensing and strategic contract drafting and negotiations, reviewing and drafting agreements, addressing regulatory compliance, corporate finance matters, employment and independent contractor issues, complex IP litigation, and mergers and acquisitions. For those areas where we do not have in-house expertise (most notably immigration and tax law), we have a broad network of providers who provide outstanding service to our clients.

How can a business law firm help me?

Most new clients seek the assistance of a business or intellectual property lawyer to address a specific issue such as reviewing an important agreement or filing a trademark application. At West Hill we take a comprehensive approach to reviewing a new client’s existing corporate, contracts and IP infrastructure and recommending next steps taking into account the client’s budget.  Any business lawyer should provide advice and legal guidance to help  you make well-informed and proactive business decisions based on current (and always changing) laws, regulations and trends. . At West Hill this includes identifying litigation risks (so you can avoid costly and distracting disputes) and preparing you for a successful exit.

How much do business law firms charge for services?

West Hill is transparent in their billing practices and offers reasonable rates for smart legal advice. We readily provide accurate estimates to help you budget more effectively and so that there are no surprises on the monthly invoice. Our rates take into account the budgets of start-ups, established businesses, and in-house departments.  We are laser focused on efficiency and take the time  to learn about your business so that legal issues can be spotted and addressed early and economically. We are focused on creating real value for your business with every entry on an invoice. 

How do I protect my business ideas?

There are many ways to obtain legal protection for your valuable intellectual property.  Most businesses owners (and many business lawyers) don’t know the differences between patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret protection.  (Hint: we do). West Hill attorneys can help you develop and implement a strategy to protect what makes your business valuable.

How do I hire a business lawyer?

That’s easy. Just call us at 978-338-4082.

Before you hire anyone, do some research. Ask people you trust for referrals. Ask your prospective lawyer lots of questions. Find out if the law firm has experience in the areas you are most concerned about. Ask about their approach and what their plan would be if you hired them. And most importantly make sure the personalities are a good fit.  Note: if your lawyer doesn’t listen or explain things in regular English, or if he or she makes you feel like you are not intelligent, knowledgable or a good business owner, move on. The lawyer for your business is  a trusted advisor and you are building a long term relationship.